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'When words escape, flowers speak'

The origin of the language of flowers pre-dates Victorian times, as flowers have always had religious, mythological and symbolic meanings. Victorian women elaborated on floriography (the assigning of meanings to flowers), to express their feelings within the boundaries of a strict etiquette. We sure have progressed from Victorian days -- e-mail allows us to woo or wish another across the globe as easily as across the room. So if you want to let someone know how you feel, exercise your freedom of expression by choosing from a wide array of meaningful blossoms in 111Flowers.com.

  1. Aster (reliable love & daintiness)
  2. Azalea (the joy or love)
  3. Balsam-deep red (don't touch me)
  4. Calla Lily (hot-bloodedness)
  5. Camellia-red (strong flame of heart)
  6. Camellia-general (admiration, perfection, good luck)
  7. Camellia-pink (longing of a man)
  8. Carnations-pink (never forget)
  9. Carnations-red (heart ache)
  10. Carnations-plain (fascination for lady, passion)
  11. Cardamine (devotion to you)
  12. Calendula (the sadness of parting)
  13. Chamomile (strength to endure adversity)
  14. Chrysanthemum-white (truth)
  15. Clover (promise)
  16. Crocus-autumn (youth without vegrets)
  17. Daffodil (respect)
  18. Daisy (Innocence)
  19. Dandelion (flirtatiousness)
  20. Daphen (glory)
  21. Fern (magic)
  22. Flamingo Flower (love sickness)
  23. Forget-Me-Not (don't forget me)
  24. Fuchisa (taste & style)
  25. Geranium-scarlet (consolation)
  26. Geranium-rose (preference)
  27. Golden Rod (cautions)
  28. Hawthorn (only love)
  29. Heliotrope (devotion)
  30. Hill Lily (dignity)
  31. Honey Flower (love, sweet & secret)
  32. Hyacinth-white (tranquil love)
  33. Ivy (fidelity)
  34. Japanese Quince (mediocrity)
  35. Jasmine (winsomeness)
  36. Jonquil (response to love)
  37. Lady's Slipper (win me and wear me)
  38. Lilac (sprouting love)
  39. Lilac-purple (sprouting love)
  40. Lilac-white (beautiful promise)
  41. Maiden Blush Rose (only you know my heart)
  42. Marguerite (secret love)
  43. Mignonette (your qualities surpass your charms)
  44. Monkshead (danger is near)
  45. Morning Glory-white (bursting with happiness)
  46. Narcissus (mystery)
  47. Oats (witching soul of music)
  48. Olive (peace)
  49. Orange Blossoms (chastity)
  50. Pansy (pure love)
  51. Passion Flower (faith)
  52. Peach Blossoms (I'm your captive)
  53. Pear (affection)
  54. Primrose (youth and distress)
  55. Rose-white (respect)
  56. Rose-yellow (beauty)
  57. Rose-moss (loveliness)
  58. Rose-damask (brilliant personality)
  59. Rose-tube (adventure)
  60. Stock (eternal beauty)
  61. Sunflower (adoration)
  62. Sweet Briar (love)
  63. Sweet Pea (depart)
  64. Tuberose (dangerous pleasure)
  65. Tulip (beautiful eyes)
  66. Tulip-white (unrequited love)
  67. Tulip-yellow (expression of Love)
  68. Tulip-purple (eternal love)
  69. Verbana (prey for me)
  70. Violet-white (selfless love)
  71. Violet-purple (love)
  72. Violet-yellow (modest happiness)
  73. York & Lancaster Rose (warm heart)

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